Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twillage follows local cafes, bars, etc so you don't have to

At, we are following local cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars on your behalf. Our goal is to bring you the important tweets from these places, like discounts, specials of the day (e.g. "today's soup"), special deals and events they host like wine tastings, etc.

We are not trying to compete against Google Places, CitySearch's efforts to build directory of local businesses, or of course Twitter itself. Eventually, Twitter itself will provide a Yellow Pages service and their API will let us quickly find any business.

But the need to filter the stream will remain, and that is what Twillage is doing now. After all, you shouldn't have to follow local businesses one by one using your favorite Twitter client. Twillage aggregates them for you.

Most of the businesses we found are in the US and Canada now, but we're striving to have an international service. We need your help to find local businesses: so tweet us @twillage your favorite cafe, bar or restaurant, and we'll add them to twillage.